ONLY the DASH all-inclusive kits provide everything you need to give your patient a successful whitening experience!

The Dash Single Procedure Kit contains:

(1) 2.9 g procedure gel syringe with 2 flocked tips (3 dual arch applications)
(1) 2.9 g Liquidam barrier syringe with 2 tips (3 dual arch applications)
(1) 2.4 ml Relief® ACP Oral Care Gel syringe with tip (2 dual arch applications)
(2) Whitening accelerator swabs
(1) Cheek retractor & bite block
(1) Suction tip
(1) Face bib
(2) Cotton rolls
(1) Pack of gauze
(1) Dentist's directions for use.

Steps for Proper Isolation

Our quick and easy isolation technique can be completed by experienced clinicians in as little as 8 minutes 30 seconds*. Our goal is to make each of you an expert and limit chair to maximize your profitability. The following Quick Reference Guide on proper isolation technique will ensure a safe and effective experience for you and your patients.

Refer to Directions for Use for complete isolation technique.

Step 1

Retract lips.

Step 2

Take starting shade. This is an often forgotten step! This is the only way to show your patient the true change, just be sure your shade guide is in value order. 1 A1 B2 D2 A2 C1 C2 D4 A3 D3 B3 A3.5 B4 C3 A4 C4

Step 3

Place cotton rolls in the center of the upper and lower vestibules.

Step 4

Place apex of gauze triangle into the posterior cheek, tuck balance of material into check, tucking ends between cotton rolls and retractor.

Step 5

Place face bib around retractor, one side at a time. Tuck face bib under inside corners of lower lip is not visible.

Step 6

When applying Liquidam, start off with the metal tip, scallop CEJ slightly overlapping enamel to form an enamel seal, and cure material. NOTE: Overlapping enamel with Liquidam will not prevent teeth from being whitened, as hydrogen peroxide penetrates the tooth and is absorbed throughout the entire tooth.

Step 7

Next, switch to the plastic tip on the Liquidam syringe and fill in from cotton roll to newly formed line of Liquidam and cure material. Always remember, NO PINK. All exposed dentin and tissue should be covered with Liquidam. Application should extend distal at least one tooth beyond area receiving whitening gel and be about 2mm thick.

Step 8

Apply whitening accelerator swabs before each whitening cycle.

Step 9

Apply gel and leave on teeth for 15 minutes. Use suction tip to remove the whitening gel from the first session. Repeat steps 8 and 9 two more times.

Step 10

Take final shade!

Dash In-Office Whitening System